Quality Policy

AALCO Quality Assurance is Based on Four Cornerstones:-

Detection - Promptly identify and isolate non- conformance

Prevention - Preclude non-conformance during contract performance

Correction - Implement provisions for timely and effective corrective actions

Production - Our procedures mirror the ISO 9001 areas

Our Corporate Commitment is to:
• Integrate quality into all program activities
• Provide quality products while striving to exceed customer expectations

AALCO has established and documented a Quality Assurance System in compliancewith ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard. The Quality Assurance System is administrated through written policy, procedures, and instructions. Written instruction is provided to cover work, inspection, and test instructions for individual products. Where deemed necessary, special operational and quality control procedures are developed for functional activities that have an effect on product/service quality. Quality Records are generated through the implementation of the Quality Assurance System, to provide objective evidence of compliance and to measure the effectiveness of the system.

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