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AALCO GroupWe AALCO Infrastructure are focused on delivering business performance through a highly flexible and responsive approach, which is characterized as being business ready.
We have a highly experienced team of professionals, who execute projects with flexibility and speed. As a company, we are prepared up to the challenges and demands of the growing Qatari market.

Scope of work

Transportation Network
Road and highway networks, signage and markings, electrical systems (street lighting and traffic lights), edge treatments (curbs, sidewalks, landscaping), and specialized facilities such as road maintenance depots and rest areas

Water Management Networks
Drinking water supply, including the system of pipes, storage reservoirs, pumps, valves, filtration, treatment equipment and meters, including buildings and structures to house the equipment, used for the collection, treatment and distribution of drinking water.

Energy Network
Electrical power network including construction of substations, excavation, backfilling, reinstatement and distribution works.
Drainage Networks
Construction of drainage networks with drainage outlets, manholes, overfalls, chutes, bridges, pipe crossings, and other such structures.

Communications Networks
Telephone networks (land lines) including telephone exchange systems

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