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AALCO GroupAALCO Drilling has been working in local market since 2005 with excellent drilling techniques satisfying our clients with the high quality of work. We achieve this with well experienced personnel involved in the construction of electrical substation and road crossing duct bank.
We believe that it is our responsibility to help you protect your investment by providing the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

Scope of work

HDD is an eco-friendly and economical process used to install pipes and cables through a horizontal drilling process. It avoids open cuts along highways, river & streams and other environmental sensitive areas. Flora and roots are safe from the destruction, there is absolutely no noise, no ripping of streets, no backfill & no traffic disruption. It has been used successfully for the trench-less installation of supply and waste disposal pipes, in a wide range of different sizes. It is also widely used in Environmental and Geotechnical engineering, such as the installation of horizontal filter wells, investigation of polluted sites and recovery of old cables.

The HDD division is backed by a trained technical team who executes such projects as small road crossings for cables, fresh water & gas pipes as well as large diameter river/channel crossings. It has the experience to pull a maximum diameter of 48 inches steel pipe for river crossing. The division operates in Qatar.

We have carried out projects for various Government & semi Government Departments of Qatar for water (fresh water, gas lines, pressure lines & sewage lines) and electrical projects.

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